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Satsuma (or Satsuma mandarin, taxid 55188) is one of the major mandarin varieties of citrus that is produced in worldwide.
Our recent study revealed that it is a BC1 of another mandarin variety, Kishu (C. kinokuni hort. ex Tanaka, taxid 408488).


This draft sequence was obtained by de novo assembly using a hybrid assembly approach that combines
short-read sequence, three mate-pair libraries at different insert sizes and long read sequence of PacBio.



1. The compressed files of Satsuma draft sequences at here: unshiu.tar.gz
(MD5sum: 81babbb63e0e0ddb5f240cea6ad09204)

2. The compressed files of Satsuma pseudomolecule sequences with annotation at here: upm.tar.gz
(MD5sum: 4fab0224451155a7034df946359e1b9f)

3. Supplemental data files of the predicted genes of Satsuma:
(MD5sum: 11e0967e6ef3cfb2c2cfffde33475926)

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Basic statistics of the draft sequence:

Strain Satsuma 'Miyagawa wase'
Assembly total size 359,652,061 bp
Total number of scaffolds 20,876
N50 size of scaffolds 386,404 bp
Longest scaffold 5,227,725 bp
G-C% 33.9 %
LTR retrotransposon 7,950
Gene 29,024
mRNA 37,970
Total size of nine pseudomolecules 189,555,198 bp


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Disclaimer: This draft sequences are offered as is. These sequences could be replaced without prior notification.